Occupational health is the management of health risk in the workplace

It has two approaches:

The effects of health on work…

Ensuring that your employees health is adequate for the demands that their work role and environment will place upon them. For example pre-placement, fork lift truck driver medicals and return to work assessments.

The effects of work on health…

Measuring, controlling and minimising, any adverse impact that your employees work role or environment may have upon their health or well-being. For example risk assessment and health surveillance.

Why use occupational health?

To comply with relevant health related law

Much of current health related legislation requires employers to be proactive when managing the health of their employees:

  • Health surveillance is required under the COSHH and Management of Health and Safety at Work Regs.
  • The principle of obtaining medical evidence for employees who are absent from work through sickness has been established in case law
  • Disability Discrimination (Equality Act 2010) legislation and the Health and safety at work Act requires the identification of reasonable adjustments within the workplace
  • Health and safety legislation requires employers to perform suitable and sufficient risk assessments. This may include individual and ad hoc, as well as generic risk assessments

Indus Occupational Health can:

  • Perform an employee assessment
  • Offer an independent view of the health status of your employee
  • Advise upon any work-related issues that may need addressing due to your employees illness
  • Communicate with specialists, GPs and other external agencies
  • Advise upon an appropriate solution for your employee’s occupational health management
  • Explain the pertinent legal issues

Effective Occupational health will save your company money

  • Reducing costs lost through sickness absence
  • Reducing costs lost through compensation payments
  • Reducing training and temporary staff costs
  • Improving the well being and health of your workforce

Let the business community know that you are a caring and responsible employer

Your business depends on people, when the efficiency of your people is compromised, the efficiency of your organisation as a whole, is also compromised. If your corporate strategy involves objectives for the improvement of the well-being of your staff, your business cannot fail to benefit. Demonstration of a caring corporate image will send a positive and lasting message to all the stakeholders in your business; shareholders, customers, employees and the wider community.